Quetta hospital that killed 93 people even before the police

However, the statements that have emanated out of responsible establishment figures and the almost hysterical and jingoistic discourse in our media make India a convenient whipping boy. Zia-ul Haq is credited with evolving the leed India with a thousand cutspolicy and operationalising it with Punjab as the target in the late 0s and early 0s, it was taken to the next level by the powerful director-general of the ISI the late Hamid Gul.Gul led the Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) in 1987-1989 and laid the foundations of the violence that hit the Kashmir Valley in the 0s. Does it suggest a shift in the Pakistani deep state basic philosophy of how it would now use the network of its semi-state actors.

There are two fundamental impulses that drive the Pakistani strategy of bleeding India with a thousand cuts. For the entire high-decibel rhetoric that has been emanating out of India qua the situation in Balochistan, India does not believe in fomenting terror; it is not a part of the intrinsic DNA of the Indian state.

At a recent conference on regional security in South Asia, a Pakistani official made a rather startling remark: ven if you resolve Kashmir, it does not mean terrorism would stop The comment if it reflects more than an individual opinion is pregnant with meaning for its sheer portentousness.What has then changed Is it that the publicly-acknowledged operations along the LoC on September 29 is making the Pakistanis drop the pretence of Kashmir being the alibi for their depredations How should India respond to such a situation There is no difficulty with a tit-for-tat, however intrinsic being the risk of uncalibrated escalation that may come about due to situations that may have nothing to do with India but can become a trigger.

India or its instrumentalities would have had nothing to do with the attack. There were a host of unemployed fighters from the days of the Afghan jihad Custom Light Box letter Signs Manufacturers against the erstwhile Soviet Union who needed to be redeployed for their presence in Pakistan was creating problems for social stability within that country and thus Kashmir became the cause of choice.Earlier too on August 8, the chief minister of the provincial government of Balochistan, Sanaullah Zehri, was quick to blame India for a bomb blast in a Quetta hospital that killed 93 people even before the police could say who was responsible for that horrific attack.While Gen. Subsequently, Pakistan stepped up the scale of its operations and brought the proxy war to the Indian mainland by the turn of the millennium. Sher Afghan informed the press that the attackers acted on directions from Afghanistan and the initial investigation suggests the terrorists were affiliated with Lashkar-e-Jhangvi Al Almi, a terror group known to be supported by the Research and Analysis Wing, India external intelligence agency. Gen. However, Kashmir continued to remain the permanent excuse.For instance, the attack on the police academy outside Quetta on October 25 in the restive province of Balochistan. Inspector-general of Frontier Corps Maj. The first is revenge for the humiliation of Bangladesh and the second is Kashmir. Quetta is also where the Taliban Shura is based.From 1990 onwards, Pakistan has perpetrated this myth that Indian oppression in Kashmir was motivating young men to wage a proxy war in India.

Dr Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan heads the Nuclear

But India does stand to gain by signing the LEMOA and other agreements. For example, India, which has one aircraft carrier and lacks the capacity for far-sea operations, could potentially gain access to US military bases in the Indian Ocean, such as Diego Garcia and Djibouti. We conduct more military exercises with the US than with anyone else, and our military is increasingly looking to equip itself with American-built China wholesale Illuminated sign military equipment (even though we will remain overwhelmingly dependent on Russian equipment for the foreseeable future).France has signed a similar agreement but that has not drawn it into these conflicts. But this strengthening has been happening for more than a decade.This is happening as a conscious strategic choice that the last three Indian governments have made, partly because China’s increasing military strength can no longer be ignored and partly because China’s behaviour over the last decade has become increasingly assertive.

India needs to beef up its military capabilities and it’s It is only natural that India will look to the US because both countries share a common perception about China’s rise.Signing these agreements will not make the US our ally, nor will it solve all our differences with Washington. This will enhance India’s reach in a big way and provide the much-needed logistics support to carry out a variety of missions in the Indian Ocean.

Dr Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan heads the Nuclear and Space Policy Initiative at the Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi$It’ll enhance our defence against China***.The LEMOA does strengthen US-India military-to-military relationship.The absence of these umbrella agreements have hindered India-US military-to-military cooperation: India has been denied certain equipment with CISMOA-category communication systems, and equipment that India has acquired, such as the P-8I anti-submarine aircraft, have been stripped of some of its most useful equipment because India has not signed of the agreements

However, an easy every day activity

But, even in schools, children aren’t taught the Indian Sign Language (ISL). It differs from person to person," begins Nupura, explaining their innovation. And Jahnavi Joshi and Nupura Kirloskar from BleeTech Innovations, not only understand that, but also empathise with it so much that they made it their aim to change that. "We have even made an ISL video on how to impress a girl.

"The queries we receive are spread across a plethora of subjects.Deepti Soni from ICRC has been working on the Enable Makeathon project for close to a year. All one needs to go is to type their question on WhatsApp on the number 8828983830.When the duo submitted their innovation to Enable Makeathon, a programme initiated by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and its partners to develop prototypes and affordable solutions for challenges faced by persons with disabilities, particularly those living in rural areas, they China Acrylic letter signs Suppliers were met with more than just applause — they won over `16 lakh as funding. "Teams of engineers, scientists, designers, innovators, persons with disabilities, humanitarians, manufacturers, investors and entrepreneurs competed against each other for funding and grants enabling them to further develop and market their innovations.

"There is so much potential in this app and the only way forward is ahead. "The entire aim of the project is to source innovative prototypes for challenges faced by people with disabilities in their everyday lives," she begins. From general knowledge and politics to current affairs and English learning, we are asked anything and everything," explains Nupura. "Information and knowledge, like language, isn’t perceived alike by everyone.

The purpose of the programme is to crowd source prototype solutions and products to address 12 challenges related to accessibility and employability, which are faced by persons who are hearing impaired, sight impaired, or living with locomotor disabilities," she explains. But that is the easiest thing for you. And our aim is to make this information accessible for people with hearing disabilities," she says. "And we ensure that we respond to every query. We aim to collaborate with corporate companies across banking, health care and e-commerce sector, and make their content accessible for our audience," says Nupura.Through the app, Nupura, Jahnavi and their team of four, answer queries from thousands of people. It is a fun, light video that addresses the concern," laughs Nupura.The girls, who are also trained in classical dance form, have in the past worked on another innovation that enables the deaf community to dance on rhythm patterns (titled BleeWatch). Through YouTube channel, BleeTV, the girls create entertainment and education videos in ISL to break barriers between the hearing and the deaf — all on one platform. "Similarly, people with hearing disabilities do not perceive the English language the same way as the abled crowd. Answers clarifying your doubts come in both long and short form from different sources. "The population of hearing disabled people is nearly 27 million (Thomson Reuters Foundation, 2017).With the aim to make information and knowledge easily accessible for hearing disabled people, Nupura and Jahnavi designed AskBlee as a simple way of asking questions and receiving answers — in any desired language, including the Indian Sign Language. They can even send in their query in a question-video in ISL format and we will answer in the preferred language," she says.

However, an easy every day activity for abled people isn’t quite the same for people with disabilities.A screenshot of the app AskBlee"One of the biggest hindrances people with hearing disabilities face on a regular basis is inaccessible knowledge owing to language posing as a hurdle," says the 25-year-old Nupura.When curiosity gets the better of you, you simply Google your query.Over the course of six months, Jahnavi and Nupura built AskBlee, which is essentially a low-cost encyclopaedia especially for people with hearing disabilities. To overcome this, we also have short videos teaching a user in the sign language," she continues.For Nupura and Jahnavi, the next step is important

Hopefully, it will be done soon

However, such accounts again cropped up after a gap of several months. Now, a section in the intelligence brass believes that it is the handiwork of the certain ISI officials who are tasked to run Saeed’s social media campaign against India.It may be recalled that earlier, Twitter had blocked several accounts operated by Jamaat-ud-Dawa, headed by Saeed, following requests from security agencies in different countries, including India and the US. It had also asked users to trend the topic China 3D signs SuppliersPakStandWithJNU with the posts sparking a huge controversy..The Central agencies responsible for cyber surveillance and cyber threats has taken cognisance of the matter and will approach the relevant authorities to block such anti-national and seditious content.

Last Sunday, Home Minister Rajnath Singh had said the event organised at JNU to protest against the hanging of Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru had the backing of Saeed.Sources in the intelligence agencies claimed there are several accounts of Saeed for his social media propaganda."We will approach Twitter India which in turn can raise the matter with the US-based parent company to deactivate Saeed’s accounts.Central agencies have decided to request social media platforms Twitter and Youtube to ban Saeed’s accounts.

Officials claimed that "India-centric" tweets and social media propaganda have deliberately been launched at the behest of Saeed using Hindi language and raking up domestic issues to tap the sentiments of the vulnerable youth. Indian agencies have decide to request social media platforms Twitter and YouTube to ban Saeed’s accounts and videos where anti-India propaganda has been launched.New Delhi: Even as the row continues over alleged Laskhar-e-Tayyaba support to JNU protests.

Central intelligence # agencies have claimed LeT patron and 26/11 mastermind Hafiz Saeed is running multiple Twitter accounts which are being handled by Pakistan’s ISI which is covertly running his social media propaganda.Intelligence sources say the ISI is keen to fish in troubled waters and smells a favourable situation currently to spark further tension and trouble within India. Later, the Home Ministry clarified that Singh’s statement was not based on the tweet but on inputs from different agencies.Incidentally, the fresh claim by the intelligence brass also comes at a time when it turned out that the alleged anti-India tweet by Saeed that set the alarm bells ringing in the Delhi police and found mention in home minister Rajnath Singh’s warning about Saeed backing JNU protests, was reportedly fake.

Hopefully, it will be done soon," a official said. The alleged fake account of Saeed had recently asked Pakistanis to support the JNU students who are protesting against the registration of a case of sedition against JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar. While the Central agencies have not issued any alert based on such tweets, the Delhi police posted the tweet to warn several states of the LeT threat and deter students from anti-national activities

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